Monday, March 26, 2012

Work In Progress: more DFA

More work on the BBoWDFA!  Armor and metals are base painted and washed!  Highlights and work on the bone, nails, eyes, etc!  Looks like it will be worked on tomorrow as it will sit around overnight, so i can look at it again with fresh eyes.

More props for the Liquid Green Stuff, I found little gap between one of the legs and the back, and it just looked wrong.  I realized that when I would be playing with this beast, I would be staring at it, and know that it could have been better  This was after I primed and base coated, and I put on more LGStuff on.  I smoothed out the gap, re-primed, painted the area, and its hard to tell the gap was there.

Work In Progress: more progress

I've got the base painted, I might have to tweak the coloring based on what Big Bird of Winged Death From Above ends up being.  But the first coatings are down on the BBoWDFA:

Starting off with Menoth White Base, and mixed up a wash of PP Ember Orange, Citadel Gryphonne Sepia wash, Vallejo Light Grey (to take some of the Orange brightness down).  Comes up with a orange-brown wash.  This is me playing with mixing colors/washes together and seeing what happens.  A bit of experimenting.

After this dries, I'll use some more Gryphonne Sepia Wash to get more into the nooks and crannies, then start dry brushing browns and oranges on top.  At least that is what i'm thinking at this point in the painting process.

Work In Progress

So I got the Big Bird of Winged Death From Above and started assembling:

  As you can see from the green under the wing, I'm also using Liquid Green Stuff from GW for the first time.  I'm liking it!  It is great for those little seams between pieces, not great for larger gaps.  I now have a dedicated LGStuff paintbrush, and see using this product on pretty much any model.

  I've got a base modeled up for BBoWDFA, and am thinking of doing a brown, similar to my other brown beasts from the far east, but adding a bit more orange.  We will see where we go when I get painting it.
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