Thursday, January 27, 2011

Model ADD

I have Model ADD. No bones about it, I've got so many projects in my head right now, its hard to stay on one thing. Lately I've been putting something together or painting something, and I put it aside and look at it. Look at it, approach it at different angles (physically and mentally), play with the model a little, look at it some more. Slugtongue here has been sitting on my desk since early December, i'm still contemplating what to put on the end of the staff there.

Yesterday I was thinking about what i need to do, and I published a list of things that I will paint/assemble. And then I stare at my gators, my poor gators which are waiting to be done, they are just screaming at me "PAINT ME". I'm thinking of going with an Albino leader, with his troopers being in the brown spectrum.

Plus I keep coming up with ideas for my super secret project! I will defeat Lance and his paint-fu! He threw down the gauntlet, I only picked it up and slapped him with it!

Oh yea, I also mostly assembled, Trollkin scouts, Blythe and Bull, Fennblade UA, and Janissa Stonetide. While wanting to do something special with Stonetide's base i came up with this idea!

I used Magic-Sculpt for the base, and formed it into a cone-ish shape, bent that to the side and around, so it would give a platform. Then I embedded rocks in it. After it was done curing (about a day to make sure the sculpt is rock hard), I made another lump of sculpt for the base, and leveled by eye the previous sculpt, and embedded more rocks around it. I'm going to paint it to look similar to obsidian (my army's is tied together with an obsidian theme). Prime/paint black, highlight white reflection, then super gloss it ;) very simple, good effect.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starting up again, showing the world some painting. This is the list of models I will be working on.

I will finish painting:
Earthborn DT
Toughalos (full squad)

Things I will prime/paint:

Things I will put together/prime/paint:
Janessa Stonetide
Fennblade UA