Wednesday, June 8, 2011


  Its been more than a week since Kublacon has been over and I haven't blogged anything.  I know I know, bad blogger.  I will not make an excuse, but after some blog taunting, I have felt the need to post SOMETHING.  I entered 4 models, eEiryss, Janissa Stonetide, Earthborn Dire Troll, and Troll Whelps (as a squad).  I've already featured the EBDT and the Whelps previously, they were in there to get a gauge of where my painting level is.  Previous work, I wasn't expecting to win anything with them, certainly, in my opinion, better than average tabletop level of painting.  They did not medal, but eEiryss and Janissa did!  Both netted me Bronze medals.  What I do not have are pictures of my winning entries.  I am expecting to set up the proper photos for them soonish, depending on how busy I end up getting this week.

 What I do have, pictures of my continuing legion projects, and props from Lost Hemisphere Radio!

  First the props.  My Trollsaken, which was featured as a Runner-Up in the Bring the Blight contest in No Quarter 36 was mentioned in the May 20th episode 28 of Lost Hemisphere Radio Podcast (  The comments from the podcasters were, I like the Trollsaken, and its NEAT, but that Mauler is crazy good.  I did send an email to the podcasters:

 So I've been catching up with Warmachine podcasts and listening to new ones, and I want to say thanks for the 'shout out' when my Trollsaken model was mentioned in your podcast.  I was super excited when I made it and showed it off to my friends, and even more excited when it was featured as a runner up in NQ36.  It made me smile that people I don't know enjoy what I created, and wanted to drop a note and say thanks.


 and received a reply:

Most awesome, Mike. We’re glad to bring a smile to your face, you certainly impressed!
Rock on

   I mentioned this to my gaming/painting buddies, and was promptly taunted by my blogging nemesis to enter the next contest.  So after a back and forth, I have the Let the Banners Fly entry in my head, and am currently working on that (I'm actually waiting for some molded parts to dry, and I need to get my plasticard out)

  Also at Kublacon, I was able to attend a vehicle weathering seminar being presented by misterjustin of secret weapon miniatures.
  Now I'm not currently working on any vehicles, I am taking much of what i learned for basing, the mud/snow information is fantastic.  misterjustin also had a complete vehicle weathering class locally in Sacramento this past weekend, and I also attended that.  I absorbed so much information, recorded the session, and took notes.
  What I have done so far with this information, and with help of their website I used a "dot filter" method of painting and created a rocky base:

  Since I am essentially playing around with the base, I wanted to get the "snowy" look, so get an idea of what the end product will look like, I painted the snow parts white:

  Finally I added the unpainted Absylonia to see how the model would "look" with the base:

  Not bad for my prototype so far, now I want to add some more "realistic snow" to the white and see how it works out, and possibly make another base and just add the snow and let the stone underneath show through more possibly.