Monday, July 9, 2012

What am I doing now?

     Right now its been a little crazy again life wise, trying to get everything squared away.  My old college roommate and I got together with wives and friends and we had our first annual "Faux-con".  It was a fantastic weekend of board games, Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer Fantasy, and 40k.  Lance had decided to reduce the amount of models he has, and I inherited his Croe's Cutthroates and Alexia and Risen models.  I will probably be doing some painting experiemnts
     During this time, I have gotten some Nihilators, they have been primed, and started painted on.  I've got Marketh and Zaal's skin painted up.  So much Skorne!  Why all this Skorne?  Well I will be playing Skorne for the Gold Rush Rampage that is happening on August 4th in Roseville, CA (so less than a month away).  I also have my super secret GRR theme model to model/paint up.  So all in all, lots of things should be posting within the next month.