Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dead Dog

     So I have been living with my sisters family for a bit, and they are off on a vacation for the week.  This left me some time to stretch out a painting area and I took up the downstairs kitchen table.  I had been leaving out my paints, models, brushes, etc., all week long.  This morning, I woke up to the dog chewing on his dog toy.  Well I though it was the dog toy until I see a medium sized base on the ground, and two warspears sitting calmly on the table, where there should have been three.

     The dog, knows he did something bad, as I look at him, and the toy on the ground that I *thought* he was chewing.  I find this in his mouth:

    So after a few moments of chastising the dog (which is a nice way of saying I did not actually choke the life out of the mongrel, but a swat on the backside with "bad dog" was appropriate I thought).  I cooled down and talked to myself out loud on how to fix this difficulty.  Ah ha! PP has parts in the store!  So I went to the PP store and looked up legion, and Warspears.  I find Striders, Warmongers,......and the end? Oh wait, I cannot buy the plastic Warspear Leader, because he is part of the new plastics and not in the PP store.  Son of a.

     I could buy a Warmonger Leader and arms separately, and then make a spear in his weapon arm, and I still have the backpack to put on him.  So even though it would technically violate the modeling rules (since I wouldn't be using 50% of the original model), it certainly would look like a Warspear Leader, because of the spears.

    This really does mess up my Journeyman league painting points up, since I'm playing Legion, and well the
Warspears are part of what I'm painting up for the league.

    But not wanting to waste a modeling opportunity, what do I do with the remains?  Right arm with spear is gone.  I found some undigested remains that might have been feet, but they are so badly chewed they are unsuable.  Plus the back is chewed up, but not bad enough to where i couldn't still make it look like the cloak.  I could make a second Forsaken from the body, I need to figure out what to do with the feet, and make a wing for the missing arm.

    What do folks think?