Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something Skorne....and Brown

So I continued my Skorne Slow Grow model painting, and well...things turned out brown.  I was thinking they beasties were from the desert, they are browns most likely, and well this is what happened:

  I was going to write some things about this, but the editor doesn't want me to make some text along with the pictures and i'm not liking how it looks, so you just get pictures.  Things I like, the Grey goes well with the brown, I've been doing well on the green jade gems on the Krea, and the Purple tentacles on Thrulg has been given complements.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Painted to Completion

     I actually painted something to completion, and thought I would share.  Ok ok, I know I have some dygmies painted and ready to share (taken to the Bay Area Open).  But at another LGS we have a slow grow league, and I've decided to paint up the Skorne that I have laying around, so I can get back into painting.

     For your viewing, I present pMorghoul



     Ok it has been awhile since I've done photos, its a quickie photo done with the iphone and a quick brush up, really so I make sure to post something, and share rather than having them look good.  So I apologize in advance.

     I am so so happy with the red on the cloth cloak, it came out fantastically, other parts are ok (me being my harshest critic), but practice makes perfect, and thats what I need right now, lots of practice.  The other thing I love on the model, is the gem on his left hip, the Jade look came out fantastically, the one on the right, didn't come out as well as the left.  One reason why I went with Skorne for the slow grow.  I can get it painted and try out techniques and make it better than tabletop, but not worry about how it looks and having to strip them so I can paint them better later.